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How to compare tablet specifications online [Tip]

CameraRocket is a website covered in this post [1]. Rocket Network also has a TabletRocket website that is much the same. This site, however, compares almost every type of Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry tablet.

Open the TabletRocket home page [2]. It includes the Tablet One and Table Two search boxes in which you can enter alternative tablet devices. Enter a keyword such as Apple, Samsung or Nokia to open a list of tablets as below.

tabletrocket2 [3]
Scroll down the home page to the Best Tablets section shown below. That shows you the tablets with the best processors, browsers, 2D/3D graphics and batteries. Click on the tablet hyperlinks to open their reviews.

tabletrocket3 [4]

If you scroll down the home page a little further, you can select some tablet comparisons. Click a hyperlink there to open a tablet comparison page as shown below. There you’ve got the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 v Asus Memo Pad 8. Or you could click the COMPARE option on the home page to open a page with a multitude of hyperlinks to tablet vs tablet pages.

tabletrocket [5]

The page in the shot directly above tells you the advantages of both tablets. For example, the Galaxy Tab has 50% RAM; but Memo Pad 8 has twice as many cores. Ratings for the tablets are on their review pages.

tabletrocket4 [6]

Scroll down the page a little further for a full list of tablet specifications. Just above them are a few graphs that compare some of the key tablet specs such as resolution, RAM, and CPU cores.

tabletrocket5 [7]

TabletRocket gives you a comprehensive overview of tab specifications, reviews and detailed comparisons to help you choose a tablet. Note that there are also other Rocket Network websites that you can open from their hyperlinks at the top of the TabletRocket home page.