How to fix Safari browser problems in iOS 8.2 [Tip]

Safari-iosThe iOS 8.2 software update is now live and most people have the Apple update available for them over the air now. Those who don’t see the notification automatically available in their devices can always update to the same version by using the IPSW files manually. As you probably know, most software updates for smartphones aim at solving existing bugs, as well as add new features. Unfortunately a common occurrence is also creating some new bugs. The iOS 8.2 firmware comes with some problems for the default mobile Browser in Safari. We’ll show you how to solve a few of those known bugs after the jump.


Every Apple device comes with the option to do a hard reset. It’s often the easiest way to solve problems because it’s not hard to do and it saves you hours of researching the exact method to fix the minor problem you have–that’s if you end up finding the solution. Make sure you backup your device to the iCloud or using your iTunes account because resetting does delete the data.

To find the factory reset options you enter the passcode, navigate to the Settings > General > Scroll down to Reset > reset All Settings.

Usually a hard reset is what you do if something goes wrong and you need to take control of your device again. However, there are convincing reports that this option does work. You might want to try the option below before trying the reset, though, as it should hopefully fix your problem without needing the reset. .


This option is the one you should always try whenever encountering browser issues in Safari. Keep in mind that it’s strictly for Safari and following these steps won’t do anything for a different browser. First, turn on the iOS device of your choice, navigate to the Settings, tap the Safari option and tap over the “Clear History and Website Data” option. Doing so will wipe the cache and clear the web data from your device.


Some of you might not know that Safari is the default web browser for iOS devices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t install others. if Safari is annoying you during iOS 8.2 or any other software version for that matter, you can head to the app store and download some others. We recommend trying out Google Chrome first as it’s the most popular browser outside of Safari. There’s also some other free alternatives such as the Dolphin Browser, the Opera Mini web browser. The Atomic web browser is another great choice that is $2 to install.

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