How to find juice recipes with nutrition details online [Tip]

If you make your own juice drinks for the summer, or any other season, check out Juicing Assistant. That’s a Web app with which you can make a juice drink recipe by selecting fruits categorized under vitamins, energy, antioxidant and cleanse. The app then blends the selected fruits together and shows you nutrition details for the drink.

First, click here to open Juicing Assistant. It includes a Start button that you can press to get started. Click that button to open the page shown in shot below.


You can select the fruits for you juice drink from that page. At the top of the page you can select categories that show which fruits are best for vitamins, energy, antioxidant and cleanse. Hover the cursor over a fruit for further details. To add a fruit to the drink, drag it into one of the circles. You can add up to six ingredients into the drink.

Press the click to Juice button to blend the fruits. The app will then show you your drink’s recipe as below. The recipe shows the calories, sugars and carb details for your drink.


The app also shows you a variety of alternative drink recipes based on your selection. Scroll down the page a little to check out some alternative juice drink recipes such as Supreme and Energizer. At the bottom of the page there is a VIEW ALL RECIPES button you can press for a full list of drink recipes.


So with this Web app you can set up, or find, some great drink recipes. The extra nutritional details will be handy for making juices that meet certain nutrition requirements.

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