How to install CWM Recovery in Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915P [Guide]

Note Edge 4So you own the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and have recently learnt about the wonderful world of rooting. Assuming you’ve done that already, it’s time to flash a custom recovery image so you can access that recovery to officially install your custom ROMs. There’s many other reason why you want t enter the custom recovery too such as performing a factory reset. It will act as your only recovery while you are using the device with root access.


You must already have the Galaxy Note Edge rooted before starting the guide below.

You must navigate over to the Settings > About Device and check the model number matches up with the number in the title of the post. Each model number has a unique file available and flashing the wrong one can brick the handset.


1. You want to have the Samsung USB Drivers for mobile phones downloaded to the computer. Now restart your computer and the drivers will start working.

2. You are immediately voiding the warranty on the device by rooting. That stays the same when yo are flashing a custom recovery as the flash counter changes via the internal system.

3. This does not install a custom ROM. It just gives you the recovery option you must enter to flash the ROM.


1. Download the CWM file from here.

2. Download Odin 3.09 here.

3. Download both files to the desktop of the Windows computer and extract the files so you can see the executable files inside.

4. Turn off the Edge phone by holding down the Power button for 15 seconds.

5. Reboot the phone to Download Mode by pressing and holding down the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons.

6. Now release when you see the screen change and hold the Power button again when you see the Android logo.

7. Plug the Edge phone into the computer with the USB cable.

8. Click the AP button and upload the ClockworkMod recovery file from the desktop.

9. Click the start button without changing any of the default Settings in Odin.

10. Now just wait until the device reboots before you unplug from the computer.

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