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How to use MOD and QUOTIENT functions in Excel spreadsheets [Tip]

MOD and QUOTIENT are two Excel 2010/13 functions you can add to spreadsheets to find the remainder and integer portion of a division between values. These are functions that require just two values. Enter a number and divisor to find the MOD and QUOTIENT.

For example, enter 4 and 2 as a number and divisor in two cells. Click a blank cell, and press fx to open the Insert Function window. Select the MOD function from there to open the window below.

MOD [1]

Next, press the the button beside the Number field to select the cell with 4 in it. Below that select the cell with 2 in it for the Divisor field. Press OK to add the function to spreadsheet cell.

The MOD cell will include the value 0 as shown in the shot below. As four divides exactly by two there is no remainder. Consequently, 0 is returned as the value. If you had entered 23 and seven as the number and divisor, the MOD value would have been two. Seven divides into 23 three times with a remainder of two.

MOD2 [2]

Now let’s try out the QUOTIENT function. This basically shows you the multiple of the divisor. For example, enter 23 and 7 into a couple of spreadsheet cells. Click a cell to add the function to, and select QUOTIENT from the Insert Function window.

MOD3 [3]

There select the cell with 23 in it for the Numerator field. Select the cell with 7 for the Denominator value. Click OK to close the window. The QUOTIENT value will be 3. Thus, 3 x 7 amounts to 21 with a MOD remainder of two.

MOD4 [4]

So now you can add those functions to your Excel 2010/13 spreadsheets. This video [5] shows you how to add the MOD and QUOTIENT functions to your spreadsheets.