How to S-off HTC One M9 [Tip]

HTC One M9You can now easily unlock the HTC One M9 bootloader thanks to some cooperation by HTC themselves, but some HTC devices still come with “S-On” (security-on) that gets in the way. It’s not easy to fix either, but luckily we have a couple of developers in JCase and BeaUps who have managed to do that. Here’s how:


  1. Firstly, head to this page and root the HTC One M9.
  2. Download the Sunshine APK file to your HTC One M9
  3. Once the APK is open on your device, you’ll see a warning pop-up, click continue.
  4. Now you’ll get a compatibility test, tap the ‘OK’ button and continue.
  5. Now the app will ask for you for your purchase via PayPal–this is normal and unfortunately the only way.
  6. If you haven’t signed up already, you’ll need to create a Paypal account and link it to your bank account–a short-term nuisance, but if you ever shop online or transfer funds you’ll want to use it for others things.
  7. Once confirmed, it will want to restart the app. Allow the permissions for that when it prompts you to do so.
  8. After running through your license again it will ask if you are “ready to go?”, tap yes and wait for it to reboot your M9.
  9. Once the reboot is done, you should open the Sunshine app once more and check for the compatibility test. Tap the “Continue” and your device will have S-Off.
  10. That’s it! It can be frustrated going around in HTC circles like it seems, but it’s better that than following something that’s actually difficult. The hardest part here is verifying your Paypal account.

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