How to take a screenshot on Apple Watch [Tip]

Apple-WatchThe Apple Watch is now available to buy in a bunch of varieties including the¬†aluminum sport edition, stainless steel and even a gold Watch. The new smartwatch that’s got everyone’s attention can share your Facebook messages and updates, use applications and a range of other features that reduce the amount of time we need to whip our smartphones out of our pockets. Just like the iPhone smartphone, the Apple Watch can take a screenshot too. The Apple watch screen is a great deal smaller than the current iPhone 6, but there’s still many reasons why you might want to take a snapshot of what’s on the display. Moreover, the technique to get it working isn’t very difficult. Here’s how to do that:


1. Find the large button on the side of the Apple Watch. Hold that button down and don’t let go.

2. While holding it in, you must tap on the Digital Crown.

3. Immediately after pressing the Digital crown, the screenshot is taken by the device.

4. Navigate to the Photos application on the iPhone and look at the screenshot that you took on the watch.

That’s it! Now you have taken the screenshot and learnt how to view that screenshot. Understand that you are not viewing the picture you took on the watch. You are viewing that image directly on the iPhone that’s working with the Apple Watch. Once you get used to using both Apple devices with one another, you’ll be able to take and store screenshots easily.

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