How to close Firefox tabs using keywords [Tip]

When you have lots of tabs open from the same domain, or website, Power Close might be handy add-on. That’s a Firefox add-on that enables you to quickly close all pages from the same website without clicking the x. Instead, you can enter the domain of the website to close the tabs from.

So let’s give this add-on a crack! Install the extension from this page. Then you’ll find a Power Close button on the toolbar as shown in the snapshot below.

close tabsNext, open a number of website pages from the same domain such as dotTech. Press the add-on’s button on the toolbar. It will open a small text box as below.

close tabs2
Now enter the website domain in that text box. Enter dotTech in the text box, and press the Enter key. That will close all the dotTech tabs open in Firefox. Alternatively, you can press Esc to cancel.

That’s pretty much all you can do with this add-on at the moment as it doesn’t include any further optimization options. Yet it’s still a handy extension to have for Firefox with which you can quickly close tabs from the same website with, and it even works in multiple windows. The developer has also hinted that he will be adding more to it such as context menu shortcuts and a list of currently open domains. You can find further details at the add-on’s home page.

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