How to view videos from Reddit without clicking links [Tip]

If Reddit has Imgur for images and animated GIFs, then what does it have for viewing videos? You see, if you go to the r/videos sub-reddit, you won’t be able to view the videos just like the way that you do with Reddit images in Imgur. You need to click the link first before you can open and watch the video in its respective page or site (ex. YouTube).

Now, if you want an easier way to watch videos from the r/videos sub-reddit and other similar video sub-reddits, here’s what you can do.

How to view videos from Reddit without clicking links

  • Just go to, it’s a free web service like Imgur but only for Reddit videos.
  • Once you’re on the said site, it will automatically load and play a video by default and the video will be taken from the r/videos sub-reddit.
  • To view more videos, just place your mouse cursor over the top navigation bar to show the video carousel. Just click any of the videos in the carousel to watch it. You can also like or dislike the video and even add comments.

Reddit Videos TV

  • Now if you want to change the way how the videos are being played and sorted, just click the settings icon on the top navigation bar.
  • You may sort the videos according to what’s on the top of the list for the current date, week, month or year. You may also shuffle the videos to play them in random order.
  • On the other hand, just scroll down the page to watch videos from other sub-reddits or channels.

It’s that simple.

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