How to restore Verizon LG G3 to stock Android [Guide]

LG G3 VerizonOne of the main reasons you should be thinking about shopping for Android over iOS and Windows Phone is the ability to tinker with the OS. When done right, you can flash astonishing custom ROMs from professional third-party sources that give you an experience that’s just as good as an Android but with a bunch of new features and different design elements. However, sometimes once you’ve seen it all you just want to experience what the original OEM wanted you to experience so you want to restore the stock Android. You can now restore Verizon LG G3 to stock Android by following the guide below.


  • Download all the files you need here.
  • Download the stock software from here.


  1. Extract the two files from above to the desktop of the computer. After you click the links you’ll see the files sitting above the taskbar on your screen so long as you are viewing from in the browser. Click the small arrow on the right side of that file to bring up a new menu. from that new menu, choose to view inside the file.
  2. Now you can drag the file inside over to the desktop. leave it on the desktop and do not zip it up again.
  3. Install the drivers and the flash tools from the package above.
  4. Completely shut down the G3 and reboot it in Download Mode. To do that you need to connect the USB cable to the G3 and the computer while keeping the Volume Up button held down.
  5. Open the Device Manager and change the port number to 41.
    – open device manager > click the ports > right-click and select properties > port settings > advanced and down the bottom shows the COM port number. Change it from there.
  6. Double click the double the LGFlashtool.exe and run the flash tool.
  7. Check the “select manual mode” option from the options.
  8. Now click add and upload the Megalock.dll and TOT files from the desktop.
  9. Click the yellow arrow on the top of the Flash tool.
  10. Wait until it says “ready” before unplugging the G3 from the computer.
  11. Connect it again in Download Mode by following the same USB + Volume Up method.
  12. Once done, the flashing process will begin automatically.

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