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How to disable auto-connect to WiFi hotspots in Windows 10 [Tip]

Here’s the fact: we all love free WiFi! But you always need to remember “we get what you pay for.” That means free public WiFi hotspots sometimes are just not safe to use. In Windows 10, there’s a setting that allow your computer connect to a WiFi hotspot automatically so you don’t have to worry about finding one. And gladly this setting can also be turn off for your own security.

How to turn off auto connect to WiFi hotspots

By default, Windows 10 connects you to a WiFi hotspot automatically. You can disable this behavior by doing the followings.

wifi_hotspot_10074_1 [1]

wifi_hotspot_10074_2 [2]

How to forget a WiFi network

Forgetting a WiFi network means you delete all the password and settings associated with the network. This is usually used as a great troubleshooting tip.

wifi_hotspot_10074_3 [3]


That’s it. You’re done.