How to install Philz Touch Recovery on Karbonn Sparkle V [Guide]

Karbonn Sparkle VAre you looking to install a Touch recovery image that’s based on ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM)? If so, following this guide and equipping your handset with Philz Touch Recovery is the best way to go. After you complete the guide and gain root access, you are able to flash a custom ROM and do all the other important things you cannot do from a stock Recovery.


You need the Karbonn Sparkle V bootloader unlocked before you can flash this custom recovery image. The downside to that is you void any warranty that’s remaining.


  • You should search for the Karbonn USB Drivers and install those on the Windows computer you plan to use with the guide.
  • It’s best to backup the smartphone before starting so you don’t lose any data. The data shouldn’t automatically be lost unless something goes wrong. That being said, some people do lose apps and other data like custom settings. There are heaps of third-party apps you can use to backup the apps and other data.
  • The guide below only installs the custom recovery and does not root your Karbonn device.


  1. Download the Recovery image file here.
  2. Download the One-Click Recovery installer here.
  3. Download the above packages to the desktop of the computer. You might notice a notification telling you to confirm that USB Debugging is enabled. Confirm that and move to the next step .
  4. Extract the Recovery installer package on the computer using 7 zip or Win zip (both are free). You’ll get nine files inside the installer package after you unzip the file.
  5. Copy and paste the Recovery image file to inside the folder where you have extracted the Recovery installer.
  6. The end result will be you having the ‘one-click-recovery-installer.bat’ and the recovery.img within the same folder. You’ll also have roughly eight other files in there too!
  7. Double-click the ‘one-click-recovery-installer.bat’ and follow the set of instructions on the computer.
  8. Once done, you will have installed the Philz Recovery on your Karbon smartphone.

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