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How to add additional clocks in Windows 10 [Tip]

In Windows 10, Alarm & Clock is a new app that adds extra features to your system clock. It can create additional clocks as in Windows 7. But what I love is that it has a quick way to compare clocks in different time zone at any chosen time. And to take advantage of the new Start Menu, you can now pin any clock as a live tile.

How to add additional clocks

additional_clock_10074_1 [1]

additional_clock_10074_2 [2]

In the current build of Windows 10, your additional clocks won’t be shown in the clock panel when you click the clock on the system tray. That’s why you may want to pin your clocks to the Start Menu.

How to pin clocks to Start Menu

additional_clock_10074_3 [3]

additional_clock_10074_4 [4]

How to compare clocks

Comparing clocks is my favorite feature of the app. I find it very helpful anytime I need to catch a conference event in a different country. The app gives me the ability to select the date and time of a distant place and see what time it is in my time zone.

compare_clocks_10074_1 [5]

compare_clocks_10074_2 [6]


Voila! You’re done.