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Do you use Dropbox? Get 1,018 MB extra free storage within 10 minutes

How many dotTechies use Dropbox? I use Dropbox. How many dotTechies love Dropbox? I love Dropbox. Dropbox has been featured on dotTech [1] multiple times [2] in the past and is definitely my go-to service for file hosting/sharing. While many of us may be content with the free 2 GB of storage Dropbox provides, it is just fun being able to stack up on free storage space. We all know one can get free storage by referring [3] friends (250 MB per referral, or 500 MB per referral if you have an .EDU e-mail address [4]). However, if you aren’t in a position to refer people, but you would still like to horde all the Dropbox storage you can without paying a dime, there are other ways to get extra Dropbox storage for free. Did that perk your interest? If you are a Dropbox addict like myself, then I am sure it did. The following methods will earn you up to 1,018 MB of free storage on Dropbox:



The tasks involve

  1. Connecting to Dropbox with your Twitter account
  2. Connecting to Dropbox with your Facebook account
  3. Following @Dropbox on Twitter
  4. Providing Dropbox with short feedback

Each of the above four tasks will earn you 128 MB of free storage, for a total of 512 MB. You can get another 256 MB of storage if you Tweet about Dropbox and and post about Dropbox on Facebook:


Use the extra gig of storage wisely however the hell you want – enjoy!

[via Lifehacker [10]]