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How to stop wasting time online with Timewarp [Tip]

Sometimes, we can’t help it. It’s too difficult to restrain ourselves from checking those sites that don’t really have anything to do with our work. After all, a quick glance at our Facebook and YouTube feeds won’t hurt. Once we’re there, it’s like we’ve traveled through a wormhole. It’s already too late for us to realize that we’ve wasted our entire day checking at someone else’s photos.

So if you don’t want to lose another day doing nothing but wasting your time online, you better check out this simple but reliable productivity helper.

How to stop wasting time online with Timewarp (Chrome only)

What’s Timewarp? Well, it’s basically an extension that you add to Chrome. What it does is that it lets you stop procrastinating by allowing you to set up three different kinds of “wormholes”. By wormholes, we mean channels that would either remind you to stop procrastinating or simply redirect you to a site that’ll be helpful for your work.

Timewarp Chrome [2]

Timewarp Chrome c [3]

Timewarp Chrome d [4]

Timewarp Chrome e [5]