How to find WiFi network passwords on Mac OS X [Tip]

wifi_s_macWe all require WiFi network passwords when using WiFi to keep our connections safe. It’s just standard protocol. Usually most of us just deal with our WiFi networks once a year or even less and it can be a hassle trying to find out network details if you haven’t kept them on file. Making matters even more confusing for some, is having several different WiFi network details ad passwords to remember.

Well, those of you with Mac’s can breath a sigh of relief since an existing connected Mac machine can now easily ping you the password back. That makes it simple if you have a new device you want to connect to the same network without having to retrieve the details on file, or worse yet, the details you cannot find.


1. Open the terminal window.

2. Copy the following command: ” security find-generic-password -ga SSID | grep password”.

3. Where it says SSID, you must replace with your network name. (Delete the letters SSID also).

4. The Mac will prompt you to enter the administrator’s password for the computer you are using.

5. Once done, you’ll get the password for the WiFi network you are currently connected.

That’s all you need to know for finding out the WiFi password to the network you are currently using on your Mac. Just the one simple command and you’re done.

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