How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy E7 [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy E7Entering download mode on Samsung Galaxy E7 devices is a straightforward job that doesn’t come with many risks. The download mode is referred to the special mode for Samsung devices only and is the mode you need to enter the device before connecting to a computer and flashing files. These files are most commonly found by the way of firmware. The firmware files are flashed on your device and mimic what would be a software update that you would normally find arriving over the air.

Although it is Samsung who have the download mode, there are other manufactures who have a similar mode under a different name. The main name you will know if you are using a Google Nexus, LG or Motorola device is Fastboot mode. Fastboot mode is the mode you need to get your device in to do the same jobs as download mode. Some of you might know Fastboot mode as Bootloader mode. It just depends what how-to guide you have been reading and what the writer referred to the mode as during the post. If you have ever gotten confused about the two names in the past, you should be fine now in the future. Just remember that Fastboot mode, Bootloader mode and Download mode are all effectively the same thing, just referred to differently by different people.


  • If you are planning on entering the download mode for updating the Samsung Galaxy E7 smartphone, first you must have a computer. Once you have the device and the computer handy, make sure you enabled the USB Debugging Mode. The said mode is another mode you need on your device. The USB Debugging isn’t done via the hardware key commands, though. Instead you need to enter the Settings, followed by the Developer Options menu and you’ll see the USB Debugging Mode option. Tap over the box so that option is on and then navigate back out of the Settings.


  1. Start with the Samsung Galaxy E7 smartphone completely shut off. You can do that two ways. The easiest way is by long-pressing the power button until you know it’s off. The other way is to quickly press Power, followed by selecting the “Switch Off” option that should be available on the display.
  2. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy E7 smartphone by holding down the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons.
  3. Continue holding the three mentioned buttons until you eventually see some text and a warning triangle on the display.
  4. You should get a note on the screen telling you to press the Volume Up button if you want to enter the download mode. Do that now.
  5. That’s all you need; the device is now ready to be connected to the computer.

That’s all you need to boot into download mode on Samsung Galaxy E7. Any other problems you might face with getting Odin to work are likely due to the USB drivers or USB Debugging Mode. The download mode should be working since the devices displayed did confirm you are now in that mode.

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