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How to unbrick Redmi 2 [Guide]

Redmi 2 [1]Unbricking a mobile smartphone or tablet for any Android is often the same process as unrooting. If you have already partaken in all of the standard troubleshooting techniques such as entering the recovery mode, wiping the date and applying a factory reset, you might need to go the whole nine yards by flashing a stock ROM. The stock ROM is the same ROM that comes with your device. Using the guide below, we are learning how to unbrick Redmi 2 by flashing the stock ROM back on the device. Having a new stock ROM not only is how to unbrick Redmi 2, but it should also make your warranty work again. Unbricking Android isn’t just for those with root access either; you might have bugs in the current stock ROM and you want to flash a new ROM to try solving the problem. It doesn’t really matter what reason you have for wanting to unbrick Redmi 2, the guide after the drop should work a treat for you. Here’s everything you need to know for unbricking the Redmi 2 smartphone by Xiaomi.