How to backup EFS partition on OnePlus 2 [Tip]

OnePlus 2Much like with Samsung devices, the OnePlus handsets come with an EFS partition. It’s the EFS partition that stores important data for your device such as the IMEI number. Those of you who tinker with the operating system and like to have root access or install custom recoveries should always backup the EFS folder when you are using a device that has an EFS partition. The following guide helps you backup EFS partition on OnePlus 2 smartphones.


  • As I previously mentioned, there is more than one device out there that has an EFS folder and partition. However, this guide is solely made with the OnePlus 2 smartphone in mind. That means do not follow this guide if you have the first-generation smartphone from OnePlus, or any other device from OnePlus that might come out in the future. While it’s possible this guide might work for you, there is no way we can confirm or recommend trying it without you taking a risk. Therefore, it’s best if you search for the specific guide for your device.


  • You must learn how to install TWRP recovery on the OnePlus 2 smartphone before starting this guide for backing up the EFS folder.
  • Since you have just installed a custom recovery, your warranty is now revoked. You must return your device back to a stock recovery to get that warranty working again.
  • Make sure you have enough battery power on the OnePlus smartphone before starting so that it doesn’t shut down during the steps. You are not connected to a computer during the guide and therefore there is nothing to charge your device until the guide is complete.
  • The following guide does not wipe any data on your smartphone. With that being said, you can take a backup if you wish by selecting the backup button in the custom recovery during the guide and backing up other partitions apart from the EFS we are showing you.


  1. Long-press the Power button and completely power down your OnePlus 2 handset.
  2. Hold the Volume Down + Power keys together until you can see the OnePlus logo on the device’s display.
  3. Let go of the Power key when you see the logo, but do not let go of the Volume Down key.
  4. You should now get in the TWRP (custom recovery) mode.
  5. Select the Backup option from the main TWRP recovery’s menu.
  6. You should now see a list of partitions where the TWRP recovery ask you to ‘Select the Partitions to Back Up.’
  7. Select the EFS partition by marking the box so that it is not empty.
  8. Look at the bottom of the OnePlus display and swipe your finger over where it says ‘Swipe to Back Up’.
  9. The custom recovery will now backup that EFS partition for you. Wait until you see the ‘Reboot System’ option on the display and select the same.

Now your OnePlus 2 will reboot and the EFS is stored safely. You can find that EFS backup you just created by heading to the TWRP recovery folder in the root of the smartphones storage.

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