How to take a NANDroid backup on OnePlus 2 [Tip]

OnePlus 2One of the hassles with owning a smartphone or tablet running Android is backing up. We always hear it’s best to backup the data routinely, but we seldom do due to the fact that it’s confusing for most. Part of the reason for people’s dislike of backing up data is because there isn’t any one great solution for devices running stock and locked Android operating systems. Once you have a custom recovery installed, you can take a NANDroid backup by tapping over the ‘backup’ button in the recovery. These NANDroid backups will take a complete snapshot of your ROM and back everything up at the one time. A great backup options is important for people who like installing custom ROMs because you must wipe the data between flashing ROMs to get those custom ROMs installed without any bugs. A¬†thorough backup solution is always great to have in general too, which is why we are about to show you how to take NANDroid backups on OnePlus 2 smartphones.


  • You must install a custom recovery on the OnePlus 2 smartphone before you can learn how to take a NANDroid backup on OnePlus 2. You can find out how to install TWRP on the OnePlus 2 using our guide. Those of you who prefer ClockworkMod recovery or Philz touch recovery can install those instead. The same NANDroid backup option will be available. However, for the exact steps to easily follow our guide, you should install the TWRP recovery we are recommending.


  1. Start by shutting down the OnePlus 2. You can do that by pressing the Power button and selecting to turn it off by by long-pressing the Power button until you know it is off and not just sleeping.
  2. Reboot the OnePlus 2 smartphone in the custom recovery mode. The custom recovery and stock recovery are usually accessed the same way for smartphones and tablets; the button combination just varies between manufacturers.
  3. In this instance for the OnePlus brand, press the Volume Down + Power keys together until you see the OnePlus logo on the device’s display.
  4. When you can see the logo, release the power key and keep pressing the Volume Down key and you will get the main TWRP recovery menu.
  5. Choose the Backup button from the display.
  6. Tap over the partitions you want to include in the NANDroid backup. You can choose from the boot, recovery, system, data, cache and EFS partitions.
  7. Look at the bottom of the OnePlus’s display after you have selected the partitions you wish to back up and swipe the option that says ‘Swipe to Back Up’.
  8. Wait until the backup completes and then select the ‘Reboot System’ option.

Hopefully that helped you learn how to take a NANDroid backup on OnePlus 2 handsets. You can always access the custom recovery and stock recovery modes by pressing the same keys any time you wish. Remember to take the backup before wiping the data between flashing ROMs or else you will lose that data.

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