How to listen to videos while screen is off in Android [Tip]

audiopocketWith Android, we usually have a setting for the screen to turn off after some seconds and not minutes. The short time is necessary to reserve as much smartphone or tablet battery as we can. While that is great for most occasions in life, it’s a nuisance for others. If you are ever having a text message conversation and your counterpart leaves a consistent gap of a few minutes before replying each time can cause you enough stress you want to throw the phone across the room. To head into the settings and adjust the settings so that the screen doesn’t turn off as quickly isn’t realistically going to happen for the most part because we are far too lazy for that.

The text message example is just one of countless examples we could use as to how the screen turning off to save battery ends up as a negative and not a positive impact on our lives. One other problem with the screen turning off is watching YouTube videos, or just videos from any source in general. Unless we tap the display, the screen will turn off during the video. Unfortunately, our devices cannot sense if we are staring at the displays — yet. There’s a new app available from the Google Play Store that tackles that problem.

The AudioPocket app converts your videos to audio files and lets you listen to those files when the screen is off. You can find the video you want to listen too (a music video for example) and share that video with the AudioPocket app. The app then converts it to audio for you, saving your data, money and the effort of having to turn on your screen again.


  • You can find other options out there for listening to videos with the screen off. The difference with AudioPocket is that it is an app that doesn’t require root access. It’s the first of its kind to not need root access that we know about.


  • Play videos in the background and with the screen off
    – AudioPocket will continue to play any video so you can listen to it with the screen off. It’s perfect for laying down in bed and wanting to listen and not watch.
  • Floating media controls
    – With the help from notifications, we can drag the floating controls to suit our needs on the display.
  • Save the devices battery and data
    – With videos converted to audio, you are saving loads of data and battery on your device.
  • Remind and fast Forward options
    – You don’t have to listen to the file in full. You can rewind and fast forward just like you would any video from YouTube.
  • Create your own custom playlists
    – You can create your own playlists if you want to use the app for music.
  • History playback
    – Did you listen to a file and you really need to hear that again to find out the source? You can go back and listen to everything from your history.
  • Queue videos
    – Save time by queuing a video file behind the one that’s currently playing so you can do that work while listening and not waiting.


  1. Log into the Google Play Store from the app on your Android device.
  2. Search for the AudioPocket 2 (beta) app or download it direct from this link.
  3. Wait for the AudioPocket 2 app to finishing downloading in the app drawer.
  4. You can use the app for free if you don’t mind having ads running. You can remove the ads by making in-app purchases.
  5. Load the videos you want to hear into the app so you can play videos in the background with the screen off.

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