How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Core Plus [Tip]

Samsung Galaxy Core PlusIf you ever want to connect your Samsung Galaxy Core Plus to a computer and use the Odin flashing tool, you will first need to enter your device in download mode. There are many reason as to why one would want to use the Odin flashing tool. The most common reason is to install software updates manually in your smartphone. You can get software updates one of two ways. The first way which we all know is when hey come into the device notifications panel automatically; we can this an OTA update. The second way is by downloading that same firmware file from websites such as Sam Mobile or Samsung Updates and then flashing the update using the Odin tool.

There are two ways one can enter the desired download mode. The first method which everyone should get to know includes the hardware keys. We call hardware keys the keys that are standard on your device that you use every day. The other options is to install a dedicated application that’s available from the Google Play Store. I should let you know that only rooted users can install the app to get a Samsung mobile device in the download mode. The app I’m talking about is the Quick Boot app.


  • Entering the download mode on the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus is an official operation that’s built into the Android OS by the guys at Samsung. It’s a modified version of Android that only comes with Samsung devices; other manufacturers know a similar mode as Fastboot mode. However accessing the Fastboot mode screen will look completely different and the keys you press to enter the mode will also differ.
  • Even though it’s true this is an official mode. You should still backup your device data. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus. Both of them should be backed up before starting. You will not lose any data during the download mode operation by default.


  1. Start with shutting down the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus smartphone completely. You do that by long-pressing the Power key for about 5 seconds and then letting go of the key.
  2. If the long-press option didn’t work for you, you can do a quick press over the Power key and then select the ‘Switch off’ option from the menu.
  3. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus holding the Home + Power + Volume Down keys.
  4. Wait until the screen changes and you can see some yellow writing and a warning sign before letting go of those three keys.
  5. Now just press the Volume Up key and you will get your device into the download mode that you need for connecting to the computer.

Good job; that’s all you need to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Core Plus.

  1. Those of you who are rooted users can open the Google Play Store app on the smartphone.
  2. Sign into your Google account so you can download apps.
  3. Search for the Quick Boot app.
  4. Download and install the Quick Boot app.
  5. Open the app from your app drawer and choose the option for download mode.

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