How to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy Star Pro [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy Star ProThese are the guidelines to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy Star pro smartphones. For those who didn’t already know, team Win’s TWRP recovery represents a custom recovery made by third-party developers. They made it to give you more features over the stock recovery. All devices running Android come with a stock recovery mode and that mode is great for applying updates, wiping the cache partition and applying factory resets. However, that’s about all you can do. The custom recovery lets you upload zip files and take NANDroid backups.


  • The following guide for installing TWRP recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Star pro smartphone is made for just that: the Star Pro. Do not try installing the files you find in this guide on any other device. That’s how you end up bricking your device.


  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers for mobile phones from the Samsung Developers page. You can find a shortcut to that page from our USB drivers page here.
  • Make sure you have enabled the USB Debugging Mode on your device before starting the steps. Your device might already have that mode enabled or it might not. You can double check that before starting by heading to the Settings > Developer options > USB Debugging Mode.
  • Moreover, sometimes the Developer Options isn’t yet unlocked and thus you cannot access that menu from the Settings. For all those times you must head to the Settings > About Device > tap the build number until it tells you that it’s unlocked and you are now a developer. That usually takes around 7 to 8 taps.
  • Once it tells you the Developer Options menu is unlocked, you can find that menu from the Settings menu where you started.


  1. Download the TWRP recovery you need from here.
  2. Download the Odin flashing tool you need from here.
  3. Move both files over to the desktop.
  4. Right-click over the files and choose the ‘extract here’ option from the menu.
  5. Click and run the Odin tool.
  6. Long-press the Power button on your Samsung galaxy Star Pro until it turns off.
  7. Reboot it now in download mode.
  8. Once you know the device is in download mode, connect it to the computer using the USB cable you use for charging the battery.
  9. Click the PDA or AP button. The name changes depending on the version of Odin you are using.
  10. Now browse the desktop for that executable TWRP recovery file you extracted earlier.
  11. Click the Start button and wait for the Odin flashing tool to now flash your device with that custom recovery image file.
  12. Before too long you will get a pass message available on the Odin display and your device should automatically reboot.
  13. Now you can unplug from the computer and boot it up in the custom recovery mode. You’ll find completely powering it down once again and rebooting by holding the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons should get you in that recovery mode.

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