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How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 [Tip]

Galaxy-S5-download [1]Download Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has something in common with recovery mode and that’s it’s a unique mode that you can boot your device in to do tasks you couldn’t usually do from the normal mode. These two modes — recovery mode and download mode — require a button combination to ‘unlock’ or use the mode so people don’t accidentally boot their devices in these modes. It’s critically important that people do not get in recovery mode by accident because if they do it could mean all data is wiped with just one click of a button. With download mode things are not as consequential, but they could be. If you connect the device to a computer and try applying a firmware update or rooting the device, it won’t work unless it’s in download mode. However, if the device is in download mode then anyone could flash your device with a new software version and wipe your older version.



  1. Make sure the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is totally off before starting.
  2. Once you know it’s definitely off and not just sleeping, reboot it by holding the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons.
  3. Do not let go of the three said button until the Samsung galaxy S5 screen changes. Soon you will see a warning triangle at the bottom of the display and some text above that triangle.
  4. The text should say to press the Volume Up button now. Press the Volume Up by itself and the device will now boot into the download mode.
  5. Now that your Galaxy S5 is in download mode, connect it to the computer.
  6. Now that you have the Samsung Galaxy S5 in download mode, you can start following the guide you were using before being directed to this page.