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How to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J7 [Tip]

Samsung Galaxy J7 [1]Recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphones represents a separate and bootable partition for recovering your device. Once you get your device in the recovery mode, you can then choose to wipe the cache partition, apply updates or wipe data/factory reset the device. Wiping the data and taking the factory reset option is common for people who are selling their devices and want to remove the data from their own personal use. It’s also by far the most effective way to fix your device if there are problems which you cannot identify how to fix. By applying the factory reset on Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphones, you return the device back to the day it came out of the box and all data you did not backup will be wiped forever without any way for you to restore that data. The other two options you get inside recovery mode are also important for recovering a device to a lesser extent. Wiping the cache is often a much simpler solution to some common problems that mimic a soft-bricked device. Applying updates is similar to resetting the device where you are wiping the current version of OS and applying a new version with the hope that the old bugs and problems are now gone.


Those of you with root access on the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone can browse the Google Play Store can download and install the Quick Boot app. With the Quick Boot app you can easily boot the device into recovery mode by tapping the recovery option from within the apps menu.