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How to unroot Nexus 6P using Wug’s toolkit [Guide]

Google Nexus 6P [1]Many people opted to buy the Google Nexus 6P thanks to the large display that towers over the Nexus 5X sister device. There are heaps of rooted apps available for the 6P that can make use of that additional screen real-estate, one of which is the Full!screen app that can help you use the full display just like you wanted. However, rooting your device doesn’t mean you are stuck with the device in that state forever and if you feel more comfortable with the additional security and locked operating system offers, you can elect to unroot the Google Nexus 6P smartphone and use the device again the way Google intended. In other words, it will go back to its original and factory state just like when you first opened it out of the box.




  1. Download the toolkit from its official home available at the developers website here [2].
  2. You want to download Wug’s toolkit directly to the PC and shift it over to the desktop from its default download location.
  3. Right-click over the file and select the ‘run as administrator’ option.
  4. Enter your device’s model number. You can find that by navigating to the Settings > About Device > Model Number.
  5. Check the box that’s right for your device under the “current settings”. If you are in a soft-brick state or a bootloop, check the box for that option. If not, choose the alternative.
  6. Click the button for flashing the stock ROM/unrooting the Google Nexus 6P smartphone.

Wait until the toolkit is done unrooting the Google Nexus 6P handset before closing it and unplugging your device.

Those of you who plan on sending the google Nexus 6P away under warranty will also need to choose the relock the bootloader option from the toolkit. Now your device has a locked bootloader, no root access and no custom recovery.