How to root Samsung Gear 2 on ND8 R380XXU0BND8 firmware [Guide]

Galaxy-Gear-2-6Rooting the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch means breaking away from those annoying factory restrictions and finally getting the most out of your device. You can delete the apps that are given by Samsung to increase your performance; you can increase your battery life; you can free up storage space; you can update to newer versions of Android and more.


  • These are the steps to root Samsung Gear 2 smartwatches only. Do not apply these same steps for the first-generation watch, or any of the future generation watches in the Gear range. They will likely require unique files since they are not the same devices.


  • You can only root your Samsung Gear device using a Windows computer. We are using the same Odin flashing tool that we would normally use to root one of the Samsung galaxy devices using the CF-Root tool. It’s about as official as you will get as a flash tool for Samsung devices. The only problem is that it wasn’t made to work on Mac or Linux machines.
  • You will need to enable the USB Debugging Mode on your Gear 2 device by tapping on the Settings > About > Build Number > Tap it seven times. Now come back OT the Settings and enter the new Developer Options menu and tap on the box for USB Debugging Mode. Now you can connect your Gear 2 device to the computer using the USB cable.
  • You are agreeing to void the Samsung warranty by unchaining the internal system with root access. Due to additional problems being created by hacking the internal system, Samsung does not want to cover your device under a warranty for them to repair if something goes wrong. You can, however, unroot your smartwatch and get the warranty working again that way.


  1. Download the R380XXU0BND8rootfs_root.tar file.
  2. Download the Nulled Odin 3.09 from the SourceForge link here.
  3. Click and drag them from the downloads folder over to the desktop and extract the files. You can extract them by right-clicking over the files and choosing the “extract here” option from the menu.
  4. Run the Odin executable file by double-clicking on the same.
  5. Once you can see the Odin user-interface open on the desktop, turn off your smartwatch.
  6. Power it back up by holding the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons to reach the download mode.
  7. Connect the Samsung smartwatch to the computer with the USB cable.
  8. Click the AP button and browse your desktop for the rooting file.
  9. Click the Start button from the Odin user-interface and flash that same file.
  10. Wait until you get the pass message and the watch reboots before closing down the Odin app o the computer.

You are ready to start using your newly rooted Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. Open the Google Play Store app and check out all the apps that are available. make sure you are downloading apps from trusted sources and you read the reviews and check out the comments to make sure plenty of people are using the same ap pas you are about to download.

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