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How to root LG Magna on Android 5.0 [Guide]

lg-magna [1]These are the guidelines to root LG Magna smartphones using the universal one-click rooting application known as KingRoot. The KingRoot application is incredibly popular and the team out of China is constantly upgrading the tool to be compatible with more devices. You should have no problem getting your LG Magna device rooted using this same tool.




  1. Download the KingRoot app from the first post at XDA Developers here [2].
    – the original post over at XDA is created by the KingRoot team and they always update the link so that it is showing the latest version of the app.
  2. Move the KingRoot file over to the desktop of the computer. By default, it will end up in the ‘downloads’ folder unless you have changed the default download location for your files.
  3. All you need to do is open the downloads folder and drag it over to the desktop. Do not extract or unzip the file when it’s on the desktop.
  4. Connect your LG Magna to the computer using the same USB cable you would normally use for charging the device’s battery of a night.
  5. Copy the KingRoot APK over to the internal storage SD card memory and make sure it’s on the root of the Magna’s SD card.
    – the root of the SD card means do not hide the file in any of the sub folders.
  6. Unplug your Magna device from the computer once you have it on the SD card.
  7. Open a File Manager and install the KingRoot app.
  8. Launch the KingRoot app from the Magna’s app drawer once you have installed it.
  9. Tap the large button that suggests rooting your LG device from the apps main page.
  10. Wait for the success message and the progress bar to reach 100% before closing down the KingRoot app and rebooting your device.

Even though the KingRoot method is intended to just install your apps, there is nothing stopping you from installing a custom recovery from this point using a different method. As soon as a custom recovery becomes available for your Magna, you can follow the guide and install it, regardless of the method it’s asking you to follow.