How to create Microsoft Account with current email in Windows 10 [Tip]

Since Windows 8, Microsoft Account (MSA) has become an important part of Windows. You must use MSA to download apps from Windows Store. And you can sign in to your computer with a MSA too. One big advantage of using MSA is that it helps you keep everything in sync on every device you signed in. With Windows 10, MSA is a huge thing. You really should have a MSA to use all the features of Windows 10. Creating a MSA is easy and you don’t even need to create another Microsoft’s email that you probably never use.

How to create a MSA in Windows 10 with your current email

The easiest way to create a MSA is doing it within Windows 10. You don’t have to go the web to create it. But if you’re on the go and you’re not on a Windows 10 device, just jump to the next section to learn how to do it via a Microsoft website.

  • Open Settings app and select Accounts category
  • In “Email, calendar and contacts” section, hit “Add an account”
  • Select “ account”
  • On the next page, click “Create one!” link under the boxes
  • Next, fill out all the boxes and you’re done. The third box after your firstname and lastname is where you put in your current email address.

Since you’re not creating an Outlook email, you won’t be able to use Outlook email service. However, you can still enjoy every other Microsoft services like Skype and OneDrive.


How to create a MSA via web with your current email

To create a MSA via web, you just need to go to the website below and follow the instructions. The “Username” box is where to enter your current email address. Once you got a MSA, keep in mind that you need to type the entire email address whenever you log into a Microsoft service.


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