How to install Custom Recovery on Intex Aqua Y2 [Guide]

intex_aqua_y2A recovery is another boot mode which is separate from your normal Android operating system mode. Similar to a Windows computer and Safe Mode, the recovery partition of the Android operating system’s main job is to act as an escape from any problems arising with your Android OS. That’s about where their similarities end, though, and you cannot use your normal Android operating system from the recovery mode like you could with Windows. Instead, your Android recovery partition gives you the opportunity to install over-the-air updates, wipe the data or factory reset, and wipe the cache partition.

A custom recovery opens up a few extra doors that separate itself from your stock recovery that automatically comes with your Android from the moment you open it out of the box. With the custom recovery, users can take a full backup of all data which is easily later restored should you need to recover your system. Unlike most other ways to back up an operating system, the full backup option from a custom recovery is as easy as tapping once over a button that is just as easily identifiable with the word ‘backup’.

Additionally, a custom recovery carries with it the inimitable ability to upload zip files which can then be exploited for uploading new custom firmware and kernels. These new ROMs and kernels are the most common way to customize a device so it doesn’t appear the same way as your Android developer intended — and that’s also the main reason the stock recovery doesn’t possess that same feature.

These are the instructions to root Intex Aqua Y2 running on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat software update.


  • It’s important you only follow this guide with the Intex Aqua Y2. Using this guide to root any other device may result in that device getting bricked. try flashing the stock ROM back on your Intex Aqua Y2 smartphone if you need to fix any soft-brick issues and unroot the device.


  • Download the SP Flash Tool from this link.
  • Download the Tools and Drivers file from this link.
  • Download the Tools and Drivers package from this link.


  1. Install the drivers from the Tools And Drivers.rar, or find the driver with a Google search if you cannot get them working.
  2. Extract the SP Flash Tool on the desktop of the computer by right-clicking > extract here.
  3. Open the SP Flash Tool and load the scatter file.
  4. Upload your recovery.img and have the tick for the recovery option only on the Flash Tool’s user-interface.
  5. Click on the ‘Download’ button.
  6. Enable the USB Debugging Mode by tapping on the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode.
  7. Double click on the “RUN.bat” file from the ” Tools And Drivers/adb/” — you may need to press ‘yes’ on the smartphone if it asks for permission.
  8. Wait for the flashing of the custom recovery to begin automatically from this point.

You can find out how to root the Intex Aqua Y2 now so you can start installing the apps that require root access such as the Titanium Backup app, or do other tasks like installing a custom kernel or ROM.

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