How to download Samsung Galaxy J1 USB Drivers for Windows PC [Guide]

samsung-galaxy-j1-driversSamsung is one of the most popular smartphone OEMs in the world for a reason, and that reason is that they make outstanding smartphones and tablets. They also make smartphones and tablets that can connect to your computer where you can then backup your device, store pictures, video content, text messages, MP3 files and other data to your hardware.

Anyone with a Windows computer will likely need to install the Samsung USB Drivers before they can make any of those data transfers possible. Furthermore, the USB Drivers by Samsung are also required for anyone looking to get into some development work. Developers love to install new kernels and ROMs on the Samsung Galaxy J1 smartphone. The developments will require you to root and install a custom recovery on the Samsung Galaxy J1 smartphone before they are all possible.

Another reason Samsung devices are some of my favorite on the planet is that they get to have the Odin flashing application — an app that you run on your computer for making your flashing of stock ROMs, custom recovery images and rooting files easy. The Odin flashing application is very easy to use and generally requires you to upload the file of your choice and click the start button. About the only thing that makes using the Odin application difficult is if you don’t have the Samsung USB drivers up to date or not installed at all. For all those times, you will not get the ID: COM port lighting up blue or yellow and that means your device isn’t connected yet. Noe Samsung Galaxy J1 smartphone connected means you won’t be flashing anything.


  • You can only use this guide if you have the Samsung Galaxy J1 smartphone and a working USB cable to go with the device.
  • You will need a computer that is running a version of Windows operating systems.


  1. Download the Samsung USB Drivers package from our USB Drivers downloads page here.
  2. Once the package finishes downloading, you will see it above the taskbar on your computer. Click the file to open its default downloads location.
  3. Double-click on the driver’s executable file and the program will now open on your computer.
  4. Follow the quick on-screen instructions to finish the installation of your Samsung drivers and you’re done.

In conclusion, that’s how to install Samsung Galaxy J1 USB Drivers on Windows computer. Once you click the finish button that is on the display, the drivers should start working immediately. Those not finding the data willing to transfer or the Odin flashing tool willing to flash should try rebooting the computer or disconnecting the device and reconnect it to the computer again. You should find the drivers will install on any version of Windows operating systems; however, those wanting to use apps such as the Odin flashing application will need to use it on computers that are running Windows XP and up. That means anything through to Windows 10 at the time of writing this guide, but that number will continue to jump when future versions of Windows operating systems arrive — if they come.

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