How to root AT&T LG V10 on Android 5.1.1 [Guide]

LG V10The LG V10 is one of the premier smartphones from the Life’s Good company that hit our shelves late last year, and it’s still one of the better smartphones from the range as we stand today.

The V10 landed on most major phone carrier networks out of the United States. Some of those carrier-specific smartphones proved easier to root than others. The rooting method for the H901 model number has been around since November, for example. We’ve already shown you many things you can do with your V10 handset, like installing a custom ROM, learning how to unbrick the LG V10, entering safe mode, updating the V10 with official and unofficial updates, entering recovery mode and fastboot mode, and now it’s time to finally check out how to root the AT&T LG V10 smartphone using the handy LG UP.


  • The following guide is intended for the AT&T variant of the LG V10 smartphone. The same files do work for the Verizon version of the V10 too, but no other version.
  • You must unlock the V10’s bootloader before you can root the smartphone.


  • You are voiding the warranty on your LG V10 when you choose to root it with this guide. You can always flash the stock ROM that is made for your model number and region and it will unroot the device. Once your V10 handset is successfully unrooted, you can expect that same warranty to come good again.
  • You will need to enable the USB Debugging Mode from your V10’s Developer Options menu. To get that started, you need to tap on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Tap where it shows you the Build Number 7 times. It will say you are using the device as a developer now. Continue to the next step.
  • Enable the USB Debugging from your V10’as Developer Options now by tapping on the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode.


  1. Download the LG UP from here.
  2. Download the system V11B from here.
  3. Download both of the aforesaid files from above to the desktop of your computer.
  4. Extract the RAR file you can see to get the TOT file.
  5. Unzip the “” file by right-clicking over the file and extracting it to the desktop.
  6. Double-click the mouse on the “LGUP_Store_Frame_Ver_1_14_3.msi” file and run it on the computer.
  7. Do the same thing for the “LGUP_8994_DLL_Ver_0_0_1_18.msi” file.
  8. Copy the “common” folder you can see to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP\model” location on your computer.
  9. Boot the LG V10 smartphone to download mode.
  10. Connect your LG V10 from AT&T to the computer using the USB cable you normally use to charge the battery on your device.
  11. Run the “LGUP” program on the computer.
  12. Choose the V10 model from the device list if you can see it there on the display.
  13. Upload your “rootedsystemvs.tot” file you extracted from the RAR file to the BIN file location.

In conclusion, that’s how to root the LG V10 for AT&T subscribers. You can always head over to the Google Play Store and install the root checker application to check what it says about your V10’s root status.

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