How to increase battery life of Android smartphone [Tip]

AndroidPhoneEvery Smartphone user at one point or another thinks about how to increase Android Smartphone’s battery life. In today’s fast paced life, a minute without your favorite Android phone is like being a fish out of water. Nowadays, users can easily find out what may be wrong with their battery. Android phone’s battery screen provides the user with information about which app and hardware drain the battery.

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is developed for touch screen mobile phones. Because of its user-friendly nature, it is the most widely used operating system.

Steps to Increase or Extend your Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

The first step is to know what app is draining your battery. This information can be found in the battery screen of your Android phone. Go to battery screen in Settings. The battery screen will display information about battery usage. If you have just charged the phone, then it won’t show much information. You can get correct information on checking when the battery is low. The system will display information about which apps, hardware, and services used the battery since your last charge. By taping on the app or service it will give more detailed information about it.

You can get more details of battery usage with the help of third-party apps. A user can install apps like Better Battery Stats that helps the user get more information about battery usage. The detailed information will help the user to understand which application is draining the battery and helps to increase Android Smartphone’s battery life by removing that particular app from the phone.

It is better to remove those apps that drain your battery from your Android phone. There are some apps that run in the background and use power. By disabling them, you can increase Android Smartphone’s battery life.

By enabling battery saver mode you can also increase Android Smartphone’s battery life. Doze is a feature that helps save power. If the user is not using the phone or moving it around, enabling doze can save the battery.

How to Find Details about Hardware Component or System Service

By finding information about which hardware component or system service is using the most battery power, the user can find a way to increase Android Smartphone’s battery life. Most of the apps use power whenever you use them and some of these apps run in the background.

List of Non-Apps that Use Battery

  1. Screen: Screen uses a large amount of battery power. The user can reduce the consumption by lowering screen brightness and by configuring the phone to turn the screen off when not in use.
  2. Wi-Fi: When the user is using Wi-Fi, it takes a lot of battery life. So it is always better to disable Wi-Fi when you are not using it.
  3. Android OS: The amount of power consumed by the Android OS itself is large.
  4. Android System: The Android System is another separate system that uses battery life. By enabling battery saver mode, you can increase Android Smartphone’s battery life.
  5. Google Services: Google services such as Google Play store, Google account manager and so forth, uses up the battery. By enabling battery saver mode, you can reduce battery consumption.


By removing unwanted apps and services that are consuming a lot of your battery charge, you can easily increase battery life. By following the above few tips, a user can increase Android Smartphone’s battery life.

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