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How to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S7 Duos SM-G930FD [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge [1]If you think there might be an argument as to which is the best custom recovery to install between ClockworkMod Recovery, TWRP recovery or CyanogenMod recovery, there isn’t. ClockworkMod Recovery isn’t even maintained anymore and CyanogenMod recovery is best served for your CyanogenMod-based custom ROM and doesn’t pose any real threat to TWRP as a custom recovery to install on any old device.

Team Win’s TWRP get’s its claim to fame from having a touch-based user-interface where you have buttons on the display of your smartphone or tablet when using the recovery. While that same feature is still unmatched today, there are plenty of other good reasons why one would want to install this recovery over any of its competition. Some of the features that make TWRP unique include a built-in file manager, a flash queue, the option to reboot to Android and other modes like Recovery or Download mode, themes and a screen timeout. Another reason why people install TWRP is for the NANDroid backup feature. There are other ways you can take NANDroid Backups, such as installing the ROM Toolbox by JRummy apps, but it’s easiest to do from recovery.




  1. Download the TWRP Recovery image for the Duos variant of the Galaxy S7 device from here [3].
  2. Download the Odin application from here [4].
  3. Extract the files on the desktop of the computer by right-clicking > extract here from the menu.
  4. Right-click on the Odin executable file when it’s extracted to the desktop and choose to run it as an administrator.
  5. When the Odin application opens, turn off the Auto Reboot button from the main user-interface and do not adjust any of the other settings or options.
  6. Long-press the Power button on the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone and wait until it is completely off.
  7. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone to download mode by pressing the hardware button combination for that mode.
  8. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S7 to the same computer where you have the files waiting.
  9. Give it a few seconds and then check there ids a yellow or blue ID: COM port available from the Odin application. No color from the ID: COM port means that you need to update the drivers and try again.
  10. Click the AP button and browse the desktop for the custom recovery image file that you extracted at the beginning of the guide.
  11. Click the Start button.
  12. Wait until the Odin flashing application gives you a green box with a pass message inside.
  13. Now reboot the Samsung Galaxy S7 to recovery mode manually by using the hardware button combination for that mode.

In conclusion, that’s how to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S7 Duos SM-G930FD smartphones using the Odin application and a Windows computer.