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How to use Quick Website Search in iOS [Tip]

We all know that Apple has introduced many new features in the iOS and has also upgraded many features in the operating system as well to make it easier for the people to use it and enjoy their Apple iOS devices.

One of the best latest features introduced is the quick website search. This quick Website Search highlight utilizes the practical understanding seek box as a part of Safari to look inside of a particular web page rather than for a website. That implies you can skirt your web crawler’s indexed lists and go right to the site’s own list items. That will make searching for a particular website way easier than it was before.

Enable the Quick Website Search:

Here are the instructions that will help you enable the quick website search in the iOS devices that you are using.

Therefore, this is the simple technique of enabling and using the quick website search that will save your time as the website will be saved in the safari for the future use. Once this procedure is accomplished, then you can easily get the access to your desired site by only typing its name and safari will open the web page for you without the hectic of the search for it again from the very start.

If you do not want to use this feature, you can also disable it in your Apple iOS device.

Disable the Quick Website Search:

Here is the set of instruction that will help you disable this feature in case you do not want to utilize it.

Now the choice is yours whether you want to use this amazing feature or not. As it will save all your desired websites for the future use and will also save loads of your time because you will only have to type the name of the website and it will appear in front of you.

So you should at least once give this feature a try and then decide that whether you want to use it or not. I am sure that you will love using this feature and we are looking forward to a positive response.