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How to use Split Windows in MAC OS X [Tip]

With the innovation in technology many new features has been introduced in the MAC OS X that has made it an ideal operating system to use and therefore, the developers of MAC OS X are trying their best to launch such features in the MAC OS X that will make you love it even more.

How best to juggle different windows is the most amazing aspect of any multitasker’s presence. Windows clients may have possessed the capacity to juggle two windows into a split screen mode for a considerable length of time; however, that component has now made it to the MAC OS X. The working framework launched several upgrades for this screen-cleaning highlight for up to two windows for every show at once. This gives you a chance to spread out your open windows over different virtual desktops. Spaces keep your open windows from heaping up on top of each other.

Therefore, you must learn how you can access the split windows in your MAC OS X and get advantages from this amazing feature.

Enable the Split Window:

Here is the set of instructions that will help you access the split window in your MAC OS X.

So now, you are able to multitask on your MAC OS X without any hindrance and you will not have to pile up your screen with several applications because that is a very frustrating process.

This split screen feature will lead you to accomplish several tasks at a time that will help you save your time, which you can use in many other productive works. So, by using the instructions given above use the split screen window to do many tasks in a single go and complete your work in a lesser amount of time than you did before.

The split window feature in the MAC OS X will help you in many tasks and thus, you will love using this feature and enjoy the way it will help you to accomplish several tasks.