How to root Lenovo Vibe X3 ROW (X3a40) & install custom recovery [Guide]

Lenovo Vibe X3We have just finished showing you how to unlock the bootloader on the Lenovo Vibe X3 ROW smartphone and now it’s time to show you how to root and install a custom recovery on the device. Having the bootloader unlocked, a custom recovery installed and root access to that internal system of yours on the X3 ROW handset means you can install doing anything related to device customization that you might have been dreaming about. Some of those dreams may have included taking complete backups, uninstalling system apps with the Titanium Backup application, installing oodles of root applications, installing a custom ROM or overclocking and underclocking your device with a new kernel. About the only thing you might not necessarily have access to right away is the Xposed Installer and it’s associated apps like the Gravity Box. Apart from that, you can install just about all other root apps on your device that your friends are using on other devices. These root apps are usually universal for all devices and as long as they can get SuperSU to open the gate to their root access, there’s nothing stopping them from running on your make or model.



  • We recommend you backup your device before you root using the guide below. You can use your built-in backup functionality, or any applications from the Google Play Store. The Helium app is one of the most popular applications for backing up a non-rooted smartphone. Once you get the guide completed below you can swap that over for the Titanium backup application — the same app that lets you uninstall system apps at the same time.
  • Make sure you do not accept any over the air software update after making changes to the /system. The only exception to that is if your modified boot image of that same version is available in the ‘Secure Boot Disabled Boot Images’ download page.


  1. Download the root and TWRP Recovery zip file for the Vibe X3 ROW from here.
  2. Enable the USB Debugging Mode on your Vibe X3 ROW smartphone by tapping on the Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode.
  3. Connect the Lenovo Vibe X3 ROW to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. Extract the rooting and recovery package to the desktop of the computer by copying it to the desktop and then right-clicking > extract here.
  5. There are two files from within the extracted file: the temporary recovery and root and the traditional custom recovery and root file. Choose the one that best suits you. The temporary recovery will not be on your device after you have rooted the handset.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions from the .bat file and you’re done.

In conclusion, that’s how to root Lenovo Vibe X3 ROW (X3a40) and install TWRP Recovery. Those who installed the permanent recovery will find TWRP booting up each time they hit the hardware button combination for recovery mode. Furthermore, now that you are root access you can head over to the Google Play Store and install the Quick Boot application to quickly boot to a variety of modes, including the recovery.

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