How to back up files and save to network [Tip]

NetworkAre you wondering about how to save your backups over your network? If yes, then you can easily do it now using the Windows backup tool in your Windows 7 machine. As a user, you should always keep in mind that a virus or a hard disk crash can damage all the valuable data in your system. Hence, it is always best to keep copies of your valuable data in different locations by saving your backups over your network.

Simple Backup Rules

Every user needs to remember the three basic backup rules:

  1. Multiple Copies: The first backup rule is to have at least 3 copies of your valuable data.
  2. Multiple Devices: The second rule is to use multiple devices to store your valuable data. You can use different storage options such as a DVD, an external hard disk or a network server.
  3. Storage of a copy offsite: It is always recommended to store at least a single copy offsite.

What is the Use of the Built-in Backup Tools in Windows?

To create your backups over your network, a Windows machine now provides some backup tools. They are very easy to use and once you have set it up, it will automatically take the backups from your machine. As a user, you have the option to select the storage system. You can either choose an external hard disk or a network drive to save your backups over your network. In fact, you can even save multiple copies of your backups in these storage devices.

Steps to save your backups over your network:

  1. Open the backup tool: The first step is to open the backup utility tool in your system. In a Windows 7 machine, it is the “Backup and Restore” application.
  2. Location of your backup: Once you have opened the backup utility tool, the next step is to choose the network location where you would like to keep the backup.
  3. Folders and files for backup: The third step in the process is to select the folders and files that you need to backup. Once you are done with the selection, you can use the utility tool to create an image of the disk.

By following the above steps, you can easily learn how to save your backups over your network. You can even schedule the backup process so that it will automatically make backups and put it in the network location.

How to Set a Backup Schedule

If you are using a Windows 8 machine, you can easily set up the backup schedule by going into advanced settings. But in a Windows 7 machine, the user needs to click on the link “Change Schedule” and then change the schedule. By default, it makes a backup once every month. You can increase or decrease this time frame so that your machine will automatically make your backups over your network for you.


Making backups of your data is very important. As a user, you should utilize the latest “backup tool,” to make the backup and store it in a network location or in an external drive. This allows you to protect your data from getting lost or damaged. By following the steps given above, you can easily set up a network location and save your backups over your network.

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