How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910R4 on Android 6.0.1 [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4We always hear about ways in which we can make our devices faster with root access, and often it’s the same root apps we already know about being mentioned time and time again. The Smart Booster is a new root app that not many people know about, and it is very effective with what it does. With the Smart Booster app running, you can clean that internal system of yours and take away any sluggishness that may have crept into the system over time.

The Smart Booster app is just one of many root apps that are ideal for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, and it can be installed as soon as you finish the guide after the break.


  • You must have the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone with the SM-N910R4 model number to use this guide. Any other model numbered version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone will likely get bricked using this guide. You can find out the model number of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone by tapping on the Settings app > About Device > Model Number.
  • You must have a computer that is running a Windows operating system to use this guide. No other operating system will work with the Odin flashing application found in this guide.


  • Download and install the Samsung USB Drivers on your computer for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone so it can be detected by your flashing application when you have it running on the computer.
  • Unlock the Developer Options from your Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s Settings if it isn’t available from the Settings menu already. You can unlock it by tapping on the Settings app > About Device and then tap where it gives you the Build Number. Keep repeatedly tapping until it says you are using the device as a developer.
  • Enter the Developer Options menu and then enable the USB Debugging Mode by tapping on the Settings app > Developer Options > USB Debugging.


  1. Download the updated CF-Auto-Root package for the N910R4 model number from here.
  2. Extract the rooting package to the desktop of the computer and then double-click on the Odin executable file. (You can extract the file by copying it over to the desktop and then right-clicking on the file and choose to extract it to the desktop location. The way in which that is done varies now depending on the version of Windows you are using. Older versions can select “extract” here from the menu while Windows 10 users will have to choose the desktop location from the list.)
  3. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable and wait for the Odin user interface to light up the ID: COM port.
  4. Click the AP button and upload the rooting file for the Note 4 N910R4 device from the desktop.
  5. Click the Start button and then wait until you get a green box with a pass message inside it on the display of the computer coming from the Odin user interface.

In conclusion, that is all you need to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910R4 running the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software update by using the updated version of the CF-Auto-Root tool by the developer Chainfire. Your smartphone will reboot by itself now, and you will find the SuperSU application available from your app drawer — don’t delete it because it is what is giving you root access as well as acting as the gatekeeper and keeping out any malware from your system.

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