How to use a secure minimalist browser like Xombrero [Tip]

XombreroIf you are someone looking to find a minimalist browser with focus on security, then Xombrero will be the perfect option for you. Just like what is given on Xombrero’s official website, it is a minimalist browser with focus on security.

What is Xombrero – Minimalist Browser with Focus on Security?

Xombrero is a minimalist browser with focus on security. It can be downloaded from the official site of Xombrero. Xombrero is designed in such a way that it supports mouse-less browsing with advanced security features. It is designed, particularly, for experienced keyboard users. The interface of Xombrero is similar to that of Firefox and therefore many users find it easy to use when compared to other minimalist web browsers.

How does it Differ from Other Web Browsers?

The specialty of Xombrero is that it is designed keeping in mind that the user can decide about the level of security required for the web browser. Xombrero provides the ability to control cookies and plug-ins. It also helps in controlling JavaScript policies. In short, Xombrero does not allow cookies and JavaScript to automatically run. The user needs to allow it to run based on the requirement. Xombrero is fast compared to other minimalist browsers. The main reason for the fastness is that it does not allow JavaScript to run. That helps to increase the speed of loading web sites.

Installation and Features of Xombrero – Minimalist Browser with Focus on Security

Xombrero, the minimalist browser with focus on security can be installed on your system easily. Once it is installed on your system, launch the Xombrero web browser. A great feature of Xombrero is that it has the ability to browse websites with the support of keyboard only. That is, a mouse is not required. Xombrero uses a lot of shortcut keys compared to other web browsers. For example, it uses “Backspace” for going back to the previous page.

The main focus of the Xombrero web browser is on providing a high level of security. By default, it does not allow the cookies and JavaScript to run automatically when the web page is loaded. Once the user is sure about the site and wants to run it, he can go to the Address bar and type “cookie save.” This will allow the cookies to run. Similarly, by entering the text “js save,” it allows JavaScript to run without any issues.

To save the browsing session in a Xombrero web browser, the user just has to enter the text “wq.” Xombrero will save the session. The user can also configure it in such a way that Xombrero will automatically close and save the browsing session. Using Xombrero it is easy to create a configuration file. Go to a text editor and save the file as “xombrero.conf.” That’s all; your configuration file is ready.


Xombrero is not just a minimal browser like other minimal browsers that are available online. As discussed above, the primary focus of Xombrero is to provide a high level of security. Xombrero is aimed at a target audience that likes to use the keyboard. It is a fast and minimalist browser with focus on security. With lots of customization options available, Xombrero is quickly becoming the top minimalist browser with focus on security.

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