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How to install TWRP Recovery on Lenovo Vibe K5 [Guide]

Lenovo-Vibe-K5-recovery [1]

Team Win’s TWRP Recovery is the custom recovery image everyone wants to install these days because it is the clear leader in recovery images with the likes of ClockworkMod not even so much as being supported anymore. A custom recovery is going to be vital for anyone wishing to install custom ROMs, kernels, and anything else alike. Moreover, Lenovo Vibe K5 owners can use the custom recovery to flash SuperSU and grant root access if you are looking to have a rooted smartphone too. Rooting the Lenovo Vibe K5 smartphone is your ticket to installing all of the apps that you ever dreamed about like Titanium Backup, Xposed framework, Viper4Android, Dumpster and the ROM Toolbox just to name a few.




  1. Download and install the ADB and Fastboot on your Windows computer [2] and then come back to complete this guide once you are finished with that one.
  2. Download the TWRP Recovery file [3] and extract it to the desktop of the computer and then copy the contents of the TWRP folder over to the same folder as the ADB.
  3. Connect the Lenovo Vibe K5 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable that you would usually use to charge the battery.
  4. Open the TWRP and ADB folder and right-click the mouse and hold the Shift key where it shows you the white background of the folder and choose to open a new command window here from the menu.
  5. Type the command “adb reboot bootloader” to get the Lenovo Vibe K5 smartphone into the bootloader mode.
  6. Type the command “fastboot flash recovery twrp.img” to flash your custom recovery image to the Vibe K5 smartphone.
  7. Type the command “fastboot reboot” and then hold down the hardware button combination for recovery mode as soon as your Lenovo Vibe K5 smartphone reboots, so you have first-time booted directly to the new recovery you just installed.

In conclusion, that is all you need to install TWRP Recovery on Lenovo Vibe K5 smartphones by using ADB commands and a Windows computer along with the newly developed TWRP Recovery image that was put together for this handset. You can now hold the same hardware button combination that you would use for the stock recovery mode and boot it up in the custom recovery partition any time you please. The only thing is that the device needs to start from the off position or have just been booted for the recovery mode to appear.

Now that you have successfully managed to install a custom recovery on the smartphone it is time to find out everything you need to root the Lenovo Vibe K5 smartphone [4] so you can take advantage of all those root applications available from the Google Play Store , as well as flash some custom ROMs or kernels.