How to install TWRP Recovery on YU Yunique (YU4711) [Guide]

yu-yunique-7373Contrary to popular belief, there are many custom recovery images out there for you to install across devices, it is just that the press mostly sticks with the couple that is most well-known. These days there is little resistance as to what the best custom recovery image is because Koushik Dutta–the found of ClockworkMod Recovery and other nifty developments like the universal Windows ADB Driver–has stopped the developmental stages of his custom recovery. Since recoveries need to be continually developed to match newer versions of Android and custom ROMs, Koushik’s work will slowly be phased out. Now the custom recovery that interests most people is Team Win’s TWRP Recovery.

Most people new the open source work from the developers who contributed to Team Win’s TWRP Recovery were on to something special when they came up with the idea to give people a custom recovery user interface that let them press buttons from the display–just like you would usually do when you turn on your device and start using Android. It was the Android developers who initially didn’t make that possible from the stock recovery partition where you had to navigate through the menu using the Volume buttons and confirm what you wanted with the Power button. That is still a universal feature with all stock recoveries across all manufacturer to this day, and it was a feature that Koushik Dutta decided to continue because people were already familiar with it. However, once people found out the functionality that came with TWRP Recovery, it quickly became the more attractive option to install. Fast forward a few years later, and TWRP had many features that a standard ClockworkMod version didn’t, and it looks like Koushik is throwing in the towel to follow other endeavors.

So anyone who is new to installing custom recoveries and wondered if TWRP was the right choice to make as they ponder installing one for the first time can rest easy knowing that it is the custom recovery image that the majority of people want to install both for its user interface and a colossal amount of features.


  • You will need to have unlocked the bootloader on the YU Yunique smartphone before you can follow this guide and install a custom recovery image on the device.
  • The TWRP Recovery package found in this guide is made specifically for the YU Yunique with the YU4711 model number. Do not flash it on any other device unless you have been advised by a professional or else it may brick your device.


  • You may need to unlock the Developer Options again on your YU smartphone if it is not unlocked already. You can pull that off by tapping on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Build Number. Tap on the build number until the Android OS gives you a message on the display that says you are now using the device as a developer.
  • Enter the newly unlocked Developer Options menu on the YU smartphone and check the box available next to the USB Debugging Mode, so it is turned on and then leave the Developer Options for the Android operating system to automatically remember your preferences.


  1. Set up ADB and Fastboot on the Windows computer by using our guide and then come back and continue with this tutorial. (Those who have just followed out guide to unlock the bootloader will already have it set up on the computer in which case you do not need to do it again).
  2. Connect the YU Yunique smartphone to the computer with the USB cable that you usually use to charge the battery.
  3. Download the TWRP Recovery package to the computer and extract it to the desktop.
  4. Copy the contents of the TWRP folder over to the ADB and folder so you have everything sitting in the one directory.
  5. Rename the recovery file to “recovery.img” if it is not named that already.
  6. From within the ADB and TWRP folder hold down the shift key and right-click the white background of the folder to bring up a new menu that allows you to select the open a new command prompt window here option.
  7. Type the command “adb reboot bootloader” to get the YU Yunique smartphone into the bootloader mode.
  8. Type the command “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” to flash the custom recovery image file to your device.
  9. Type the command “fastboot reboot” and then as soon as the device reboots, hold the hardware button combination for the recovery mode, so it boots directly to the recovery that you just flashed.

In conclusion, that is how to install TWRP Recovery on YU Yunique smartphones by applying some ADB commands from a Windows computer. By booting directly into the custom recovery image and not letting it boot directly to the Android operating system, you take away the chance of the stock recovery wiping the work you just did. You can use the custom recovery that is now booted on the display, or you can reboot back into regular mode and save your new custom recovery partition for a rainy day.

Once you have the custom recovery installed, everyone is then able to find out what it takes to root the YU Yunique smartphone running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates. Rooting will give you the chance to install custom ROMs, custom kernels and install any of the applications from the Google Play Store that you weren’t able to before.

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