How to root Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-G386T on Android 4.4.2 (T-Mobile) [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy AvantMost people want to root the Samsung Galaxy Avant smartphone so they can install more apps and install custom ROMs. A new ROM like what the team from CyanogenMod creates is going to give your device entirely different features and a new design. You can find many different ROMs that all look different, have a different amount of system apps, and also have a different number of new features that are unique to the ROM.

Android makes a living from being run on devices that are often created for a niche market. That is how it managed to hurt Apple the most. People started shopping for devices that made more sense for them to own instead of just spending a bunch of money on an iPhone that is the same phone distributed to millions around the world and all from the different economic backgrounds and each with a unique set of needs. A custom ROM offers similar upside where you can find something that suits what you need in a ROM instead of the universal features that the stock Android gives to everyone around the world.

In addition to the custom ROM, being the root user also means you can browse the Google Play Store without any restrictions with what you can install and run. You might have browsed the Play Store and installed an app only to open it, and it says that it cannot run because a thing called “root” is required. That means the app needs you to be a root user before it can run. Often these root apps are some of the most powerful, and that is why they need root access before they can work. As such you can find some sweet apps to install that can do things like restore pictures you deleted years ago and wished you had back, help create ways to better your battery life, allow you to adjust the CPU and offer better backing up solutions.


  • Chainfire was running on the KOT49H.G386TUVU1ANG6 firmware build number when he created the CF-Auto-Root tool found in this guide. You do not have to be running that same firmware build number on your smartphone, however. He just gives that information because some Samsung devices like the Avant can sometimes not boot old images. The guide should work for the Samsung Galaxy Avant running any firmware build number as long as it is running Android 4.4.2 KitKat software updates and you have the SM-G386T model number.
  • You must have a computer that is running a version of the Windows operating system to root with the CF-Auto-Root tool because the rooting file needs to be flashed from the Odin flashing tool.


  • You must unlock the Developer Options menu on the Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-G386T smartphone by tapping on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Build Number. Tap on the build number continually until it says you are using the OS as a developer.
  • Enable the USB Debugging from the Avant’s Developer Options menu (see above). Do this by tapping¬†the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode. Once the box is checked, you can exit the Developer Options menu, and the Android operating system will remember your preferences.
  • Install the Samsung USB Drivers on the computer so that your Samsung Galaxy Avant smartphone can connect to the computer with the USB cable and then be detected by the flashing tool and allow for the rooting to happen.


  1. Download the CF-Auto-Root tool for the Samsung Galaxy Avant (T-Mobile model number) from here.
  2. Make sure you have installed the Samsung USB Drivers on the computer or else the Galaxy Avant smartphone will probably not be detected b the flashing tool, and it will not work.
  3. Boot the Samsung Galaxy Avant into the download mode and then connect it to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. Extract the rooting package on the desktop of the computer and you will see the CF-Auto-Root file and the Odin flashing application.
  5. Double-click on the Odin executable file and the Odin flashing tool’s user interface will open on the computer.
  6. Do not make any changes to the default settings that you get from the Odin user interface.
  7. Click the AP button and browse the desktop for the rooting file that you need to upload to this location.
  8. Click the Start button from the Odin user interface.

In conclusion, that is how to root Samsung Galaxy Avant SM-G386T smartphones when they are running on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat software updates by using the CF-Auto-Root tool by Chainfire. The SuperSU application has just been installed and enabled, and you will see it available from your app drawers after the phone reboots back into the normal mode. You are ready to install a custom recovery or check out the root applications like the Titanium Backup application from the Google Play Store.

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