How to enter Download Mode on Samsung Galaxy A7 [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy A7The Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone comes with the download mode built into the software, and it is the mode that you need to get into if you want to make changes to the software. Download mode was developed by Android primarily for developers who want to install a custom recovery, root the Android operating system, so you become the root user and flash a new stock ROM. Download mode is equivalent to bootloader mode that other Android smartphones and tablets come with outside of the Samsung range. The difference is that Samsung chooses to have a dedicated download mode and then a dedicated recovery mode and all of the usual options from the bootloader mode are available from Samsung’s recovery mode screen.

Samsung smartphones and tablets come with a separate hardware button combination for booting into the download mode and the recovery mode. Both of them are very similar, but interchange the Volume Up button and the Volume Down button depending on which mode you are hoping to boot into and use. When using the download mode on the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone, it is important to boot into the download mode before connecting to the computer with the USB cable. Unlike using the Samsung USB Drivers and the Odin flashing application on the computer, the download mode does not work unless it is accessed before connecting to the computer. Drivers are usually a lot more lenient and still detects the smartphone if you install them first or even after the device is connected to the PC.


  • The following guide will boot all versions of the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone into the download mode, including all model numbers. Moreover, the guide also works for all generations of the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone–whether it be first-generation, second-generation or likely any other generation to come out in the future.


  1. Start with the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone turned off completely. You can do that by pressing the Power button on the right side of the smartphone and then tapping on the option for switching it off that appears on the display.
  2. Boot the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone up by holding the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons at the same time.
  3. If timed right, the Galaxy A7’s screen changes and tell you to press the Volume Up button to get into the download mode or give you the option of pressing the Volume Down button to go back if you did not mean to access the area of if you changed your mind.
  4. Click the Volume Up button and then the screen shows you the “Downloading… Do not turn off target!”.
  5. At this point, the device is in the download mode and ready to connect to the computer. It stays on this screen until you start the flashing and then whatever you have flashed takes over and should show you new messages on the display letting you know what is happening with the flashing.

In conclusion, that is how to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphones by using the built-in hardware button combination for that mode. If you have tried the guide above without the intention of flashing anything, then you find the device is now remaining in the download mode and won’t let you get out of it by pressing the Power button, the back button or any other button. To solve that problem you need to remove the battery and then put it back in again. The Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone should boot into the normal mode once again and let you use the device.

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