Best Android shortcuts you’re missing out on [Tip]

androEven though you use your Android phone regularly, you may not be aware of some of the best Android Shortcuts you’re missing out on. The beauty of technology is in doing things quickly and easily. Do you wish to call a person using a single tap? Do you want to keep your Android Smartphone unlocked when at home? Do you wish to launch your camera easily to capture some precious moments? When you are on the move and want to do all these things quickly, you can use the best Android Shortcuts you’re urgently in need of. There are many of these shortcuts. So, to make things easy, read on to learn about the best Android shortcuts you’re not aware of until now.

List of the Few Best Android Shortcuts You’re Not Using

  1. Double Tap for Camera Launch: All of us love to take pictures. There will be occasions when you want to click a picture instantly, but by the time you get ready with the camera on your mobile phone, that moment will be gone forever. You will then regret about missing the chance to take that perfect shot. You can overcome this problem if you have the latest version of Android Smartphone. If you are running Marshmallow, then you can easily launch the camera by double tapping on the power button. If you are using the Samsung Galaxy series, you just need to tap on the Home button to launch the camera.
  2. Quick Search: One of the best Android shortcuts you’re probably not using is the Quick Search for finding apps installed on your Smartphone. When you have a lot of apps installed on your Smartphone, it becomes really difficult to find the one you want. With the help of “Google Now Launcher,” you can now easily access the “App Drawer Search” tool that allows you to search for any app that is installed on your Smartphone. For launching the search, you just need to give a long press on the app drawer icon; the drawer will be opened and display the opened “Search Apps” with the keyboard ready for typing. Using that, you can quickly search for any app on your Smartphone.
  3. Quick Response: Another best Android shortcut you’re not using is providing a quick response to the caller when you are not able to take the phone. Even though this feature was present right from the Android Ice Cream Sandwich version, many users are not familiar with it. When you receive a call and are not in a position to take the call, you just need to swipe up on the incoming screen. Your android Smartphone will show some pre-set texts from which you can select the most relevant message and then send it to the caller. If you have the latest version Marshmallow, then you can easily customize the message and send it to the caller.
  4. Unlock the Phone: If you are not using “Smart Lock,” then you are missing a really good feature. The smart lock feature helps you to unlock your Smartphone when circumstances demand. The feature is really useful when you are at home, you can use the location to unlock the phone. It is one of the best Android shortcuts you’re missing out on until now.


Android, the most popular operating system is coming up with more and more interesting features to make life easy for its users. All the above discussed shortcuts are the best Android shortcuts you’re not aware of, but can be used to make your life easy and save your precious time.

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