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How to root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710K on Android 6.0.1 with CF-Auto-Root [Guide]

samsung_galaxy_galaxy_a7_2016 [1]The Android operating system that you get running on the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone is great, but it is also a locked operating system so if you did not think it was great or there was something you wanted to add to it you are not able to do that by default. There is a way that you can become the administrator of the operating system, and that is by becoming the root user. The person who is in control of the root user account is the person who gets to decide what is on the device and what is taken away. The way you can get in control of the root user account is by getting root access to it.




  1. Download the CF-Auto-Root [4] tool for the Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710K smartphone running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.
  2. Extract the rooting package to the Downloads folder on the computer, and then you can see the flashing tool called Odin and the flashable version of the CF-Auto-Root tool available in the same Downloads folder.
  3. Boot the Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710K smartphone into the Download Mode [5] before connecting it to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. Run the Odin flashing tool executable file from the Downloads folder and then check that Odin shows a blue or yellow color coming from the ID: COM port and shows an added message as a Log entry so you know that the Samsung USB Drivers are installed, and the smartphone is connected to Odin correctly and ready for the flashing.
  5. Click on the AP button from the Odin user interface and then browse through to the Downloads folder and select the rooting MD5 file.
  6. Once you see the rooting file extension loaded in Odin, click on the Start button in Odin and the rooting of the Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone begins.

In conclusion, that is how to root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A710K smartphones running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates by using the CF-Auto-Root tool. The CF-Auto-Root is a one-click rooting tool that just temporarily installed a modified cache and recovery so that the SuperSU could be successfully installed and enabled. When the smartphone reboots, you are then able to see the SuperSU available from the app drawer. You can start installing any of the root applications that you wanted to try . Most of them are available from the same Google Play Store that you already know.