How to use the new iPhone Lock Screen [Tip]

7118761213_5bd4ee0ba4_bHave you upgraded your iPhone to the iOS 10 version and are struggling to use the iPhone’s new lock screen? Gone are the days when you just had to just slide to unlock your device. Many users find it bit difficult to use the iPhone’s new lock screen feature.

Opening the iPhone’s New Lock Screen

When you pick up an iPhone that is using the iOS 10 version, the bundle of sensors present in it will ensure that the screen automatically turns on. You can easily view your notifications, open your camera with a swipe, and open your favorite apps too.

As a user, you will notice a lock screen displayed at the top of the screen when your iPhone is locked. To open the phone, keep your finger on home button until the lock icon is replaced with an unlocked icon. Once the phone is unlocked, you can start using your widgets and apps. Apple’s friendly reminder will show a message stating that you need to “Press Home to Open” the home screen.

After unlocking your iPhone, you can locate “Today View” by swiping on the right of the lock screen. Using this view, you can easily communicate with your widgets. You can also add and remove widgets just as you did in the previous versions of iOS.

Hidden Features of iOS 10 with iPhone’s New Lock Screen

Looking for the camera icon that used to sit at the bottom right corner of the home screen? It is no longer visible in the new version of iOS. By swiping to the left hand side, you can now access the camera icon. Once you start using this feature, you will find it easier to use.

If you take a closer look at iOS 10, you will find that other than the iPhone’s new lock screen, there are a number of improvements in Mail, Notes, Camera, Calendar, Maps, Music, Safari and Message Apps. Here are few of these features.

Memories: Memories is built in to your photos app. The feature automatically pulls photos based on time and location and creates a slideshow. The feature completely depends upon the pictures present in your camera roll and is an exciting feature of iOS 10 along with iPhone’s new lock screen.

Magnifier: Magnifier is another great feature that helps you to use your camera to use as a magnifier. By using your camera as a magnifier you can magnify things for easy visibility. You can enable this wonderful feature by triple clicking on your home button.

Markup: Another popular and interesting feature is the markup. Using markup you can easily draw doodles on your photos.

Apples News Notification: Another exciting and interesting feature of iOS 10 along with the iPhone’s new lock screen is Apple’s news notification. This feature will show notifications of the latest news from your favorite channels so that you don’t miss out the latest happenings.


With Apple’s iOS version 10, you will come across a number of exciting features designed exclusively for Apple users. The iPhone’s new lock screen is a wonderful feature that helps you to lock and unlock your phone easily.

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