What is Virtual Reality and its applications? [Tip]

What is virtual reality to common people today? Especially people of the older generation who probably do not have much of an idea about what it is.

If you see people, especially younger kids with those huge goggle-like gadgets on their faces, covering most of their facial real estate, totally engrossed in what they are watching, then most probably they are watching something so real that they feel like they are very much in the place that they are watching. This is a classic example of virtual reality.

What is Virtual Reality as a Technology?

Virtual reality is loosely used to describe any computer technology that generates a pseudo-environment that looks, sounds, and feels very real. For example, you have probably experienced for yourself that most kids are fascinated, by the sight of dinosaurs on a computer screen or cinema screen and probably dream of seeing those huge antediluvian animals for themselves in real life. Virtual reality is a technology that allows just such a scenario, or at least as close as their ever liable to get.

What is a virtual reality application in this case? The kids would use goggle-like devices that are worn on their heads and see their favorite animals in their natural environment. The images generated by computer software or virtual reality packages look and sound so real that they will feel themselves to be present in what they are viewing, walking next to those animals and even touching them. Virtual reality transforms their experience from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, so much so that their virtual or artificial world feels very real to them.

Applications of Virtual Reality (VR)


When patients were requested to put on their VR goggle devices, and virtually move through a stadium, as any soccer player would in a real game, they regained some control over their leg movements, because there were improvements in their brain function. Our brains can have a hard time deciphering between what is virtual reality and what is actual reality. Patients have begun actually moving their limbs and had improved some neurological connections by tricking the brain into believing the limbs were being used for running, etc.

Medical Student Training

What is a virtual reality application for medical students? Without hurting an actual patient, virtual reality provides a means for medical students to perform hands on medical surgery and dental procedures in a safe and controlled environment that allows for mistakes, so they can learn from them.

They perfect themselves in this artificial world, learning the medical techniques that will stand them in good stead, throughout their professional lives.

Treating Pain

What is a virtual reality application for people in pain? A virtual reality game distracts a patient, and helps them handle pain while undergoing treatment, for example, through cancer therapy, or simply going through dialysis.

Anxiety Attacks

A virtual reality game for example, which is a digital version of a diaphragmatic exercise that can help individuals with anxiety and fear issues. The VR puts the patient in a virtual environment where they will be facing their fear. A belt that they wear monitors their breathing while the virtual simulation puts them into a guides them through deep belly breathing exercises. This calms the user usually within about 5 minutes and helps them to learn to control their response to anxiety and fear.


What is a virtual reality application for businesses? Organizations are using virtual reality to reduce costs, conduct interviews, lessen business travel, and hold meetings. Companies are now using virtual conference rooms to conduct interviews and hold conferences or business meetings.

Plan a Vacation

If you are planning a vacation, you will soon be able to check out your next vacation destination using virtual reality. For example, you could experience a helicopter ride or a boat ride around the city you plan to go next.


In conclusion, what is a virtual reality application that is most common in today’s times? The answer to this question is gaming, though this is changing fast; as we have seen that there exist other very useful applications for this technology, rather than just gaming.

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