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How to use a smartphone without any service [Tip]

[1]As a society, we have become so dependent on our digital devices that how to use a smartphone is becoming common knowledge, even with little kids and babies today.


It may seem that our smartphones can only serve us if they are connected to a wireless service. However, your smartphone can still be useful. Here are some reasons you may not have service on your phone, but you can continue to use a smartphone without service.

To Use a Smartphone on Wi-Fi

The cheapest way to use a smartphone without any service is to connect to a Wi-Fi network that is free, like in restaurants, hotels, train stations, airport lounges, bus terminals and such other public places. Bear in mind that sometimes you may have to pay a minimal fee to connect.




Although you may not be able to connect to your smartphone service to make calls, you can still communicate through the internet, send text messages, send emails or use Skype or WhatsApp to get face time with friends and business contacts, play your favorite video games to pass the time, and do many other things simply through Wi-Fi.

We have seen that to use a smartphone we do not need a mobile data service on our devices and we can continue to use a smartphone by connecting to various Wi-Fi networks that are freely available all around us.