How do computers, mobiles, and tablets affect our lives? [Tip]

In today’s technology driven world, the effects of computers, mobiles, and tablets and other digital devices, that are so easily and prolifically available has changed the way we live, as compared to just a generation ago.

In fact, there is a lot of truth in the statement that technology has increased exponentially, rather than multiplicatively, over the last generation; as prophesied in the good old book “even to the time of the end: many shall run to-and-fro; and knowledge shall be increased.” This wave of knowledge has led man to create devices to help him live more comfortably and work efficiently. This article is a frank discussion on the effects of computers, mobiles, and tablets and other devices on our lives.

Devices and Gadgets

Personal computers, Macs, Androids, tablets, iPhones, iPads, iPods, smart watches, and so forth. There are these devices, and more, and they are being created in decreasing sizes, and increasing capabilities at such a rate that some device that is “cool” today may not be as “cool” in less than 3 months.

The Effects of Computers, Mobiles, and Tablets

  • Communications
    • A huge positive effect of computers, mobiles, and tablets and other digital devices in our lives is that it has made communications so easy and effortless.
  • Entertainment
    • We have easy access to various modes of entertainment with computers, mobiles, and tablets as our devices provide us the facility to hear music, watch movies and even read and watch world news on live streams of TV channels and newspaper websites among other things.
  • Studies and Research
    • From little toddlers to high school students; computers, mobiles, and tablets are now being used in play schools and high schools to conduct educational activities as these devices are so affordable that most students have them both at home and at the school computer labs.
    • In universities, these devices are used for academic research in various fields as computer simulations are easy with increasingly powerful processors and ginormous storage memories in computers today.
  • Business Activity
    • The presence of computers, mobiles, and tablets has become integral to conducting business today as business people use these devices in their offices, homes and on the go. In this way, whatever their location, they are instantly able to respond to events that can adversely affect their business.
  • Emergencies
    • As just discussed earlier, we can respond to emergencies with the help of digital devices, instead of the plain old telephone services (POTS or the traditional landline telephone).
    • A smartphone or tablet that has a SIM installed, facilitates both voice and video calling for emergencies, and are very capable to convey the reality on the ground in an emergency.


Our world has become more of a global village since these devices have come into our lives. The effects of computers, mobiles, and tablets and other digital devices, in the world today are certainly here to stay and will continue improving as the days go by.

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